Happy Holidays: nothing’s changed

And these are the days I need to scream; the sound, a miscarriage at the top of my throat. So I swallow the rotten, add to the echoes in my stomach. I am bloated. I am bleeding to death from inside out. I drink blood thinners to speed up the process. Such a long process,Continue reading “Happy Holidays: nothing’s changed”

Truth: the liquid kind

I listen to Radiohead when I contemplate killing you— I want to smash your glass and get at the inside of your meaning. Shells tell different truths— look at me. See, I’m right and tight with my plastic teeth, and painted eyes that never blink. We mislead, you and me. © Kindra M. Austin (image: Gifer)Continue reading “Truth: the liquid kind”

Hi. I’m an Alcoholic. Nice to Meet You.

Hi. I’m Kindra—alcoholic. It’s been thirsty seconds since my last drink, and thirty nine years since my last confession. I turn forty in December. I’ve kissed a few girls, dropped acid once, finger fucked myself eleventy hundred times, and committed adultery with an Englishman who won’t leave me alone— my pussy is lined with gold.Continue reading “Hi. I’m an Alcoholic. Nice to Meet You.”

At the Dairy Case

Fuck grocery store etiquette. Tears for Fears tells me to shout, so I let it all out in front of the dairy case while inspecting my perfection— mourning after reflection—in the fingerprinted glass. My cheeks are hollow but my gut is bloated from too much diet soda (I’m watching my figure) and vodka.   InContinue reading “At the Dairy Case”

Wishing For Death: 1

Understand me. I wished him dead. I did have half a mind to kill him once, with a cast iron skillet, caught up in the white-hot frenzy. I was fourteen years old, and convinced I was prepared to murder the man choking my mother in the kitchen while a beef roast baked in the oven.Continue reading “Wishing For Death: 1”