Truth: the liquid kind

I listen to Radiohead

when I contemplate killing you—

I want to smash your glass and

get at the inside of your meaning.

Shells tell different truths—

look at me.


I’m right and tight

with my plastic teeth,

and painted eyes that never blink.

We mislead, you and me.


© Kindra M. Austin

(image: Gifer)



Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

33 thoughts on “Truth: the liquid kind

    1. I am totally blushing…because I aspire to your level. You’re a Queen. ❤ Thank you for all your love and encouragement. I love you.


          1. We are definitely the “people” lol Imagine, you and me in a fancy office, making funny faces and turning them into emojis! DREAM JOB!

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  1. Its always a path that we .must walk in all its uncertainties never absorbing the tangible evidence
    But going on what your gut feels its that real deep voice saying I got you ……..
    …….you arrive at the crossroads but which way the voice replays your not a lost just turn
    As Sheldon Yoursly

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  2. Honestly, those first lines pulled me across space and time (from Facebook!) The rest was….wow. As someone who may or probably doesn’t definitely have a drinking problem….yep ❤
    On a more positive note, you are awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fucking love you, Nicholas. ❤ Thank you. You always have a way about you that makes me feel less alone. ❤


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