Hi. I’m an Alcoholic. Nice to Meet You.

Hi. I’m Kindra—alcoholic. It’s been thirsty seconds since my last drink, and thirty nine years since my last confession. I turn forty in December. I’ve kissed a few girls, dropped acid once, finger fucked myself eleventy hundred times, and committed adultery with an Englishman who won’t leave me alone— my pussy is lined with gold.Continue reading “Hi. I’m an Alcoholic. Nice to Meet You.”

Anyway, Always

Thinking about it now, I’m not the least bit sorry for the hateful shit I’d said to you eleventy years ago, when I was a kid and you fucking knew better. I rescind my apologies. Not that my sorries ever meant a good goddamn to you, anyway— they were ever only as true as yourContinue reading “Anyway, Always”

Flamethrower Heart

I I, girl-child Deconstructed Mother fix me In your image Go for the kill Words are systematic Reconstructed Reassure you Own my image Go for the kill I will be good Words are systematic  II Glitch in the program I am fifteen, black as rage Against… Words are systematic You lacked my level And IContinue reading “Flamethrower Heart”

Warrior Women Anthem: Aurora Phoenix & Kindra M. Austin

Thank you, Aurora Phoenix. You are a stunning writer, a fierce warrior, and gorgeous spirit. ❤ Yes, I know my place— and it’s not in the shadows of darkened corners, slumped over and bleeding, weeping. It’s not in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant or otherwise. It’s not in the hospital having bones reset, or split lipsContinue reading “Warrior Women Anthem: Aurora Phoenix & Kindra M. Austin”

An Oath I swear to my Warrior Family

I have blood a plenty to share with you, my friend– to shed for you, my Warrior Sister. I have two lungs, and I only need one– the other is yours if you ever lose your breath. And I have a voice to speak for you, should yours ever grow tired. For you, I willContinue reading “An Oath I swear to my Warrior Family”