I Die Every Hour/Within Irises

I I die every hour, watching you conform to all the ideals you were never meant for. You were never meant for… If only you would fall between my lines. I write to you honestly, my messy love, before midnight. I love you truly, complicated heart. You beat against your cage— rage against the cageContinue reading “I Die Every Hour/Within Irises”

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Twisted, Toasted Bones – Stephen Fuller

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Smeared dark jelly on twisted, toasted bones Lain in the dirt to bleach. Had to dispose of them Somehow, so with closet full I set out into wilds I’d forgotten we’re so much fun in my youth. Why the jelly, one might ask, don’t the dogs eat Even…

Editor’s Note: Nicole Lyons and The Lithium Chronicles Volume II

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Editor’s Note ? Raw. Fierce. Brave. Brazen. Honest. These words are often (and accurately) used to describe Nicole Lyons’ writing. I’ve also seen her called a crazy bitch; the real burn is that Nicole lives so much inside her truths, she’s able to say, “Yes. I am a…

Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews Nicole Lyons’ The Lithium Chronicles Vol. II

Originally posted on Indie Blu(e) Publishing:
The Lithium Chronicles Volume ll. What happens to a writer who began to write to make sense of life, as she evolves as a human-being? Does she stay the same? Does her writing change? Add to this, the liquid mercury of emotions that push and pull that writer…