Shadows of You: anchor in the fog

a collaborative poem by Braeden Michaels  and Kindra M. Austin Overflowing drops of sadness crash the grounds of reality  Waves of anger and frustration  soar through every vein  Camouflaging the numbness  wakens the frozen memories  Slowly losing the crack of a smile  shades of grey and black entwine   A living ghost I am, alone— all thatContinue reading “Shadows of You: anchor in the fog”

Wishing For Death: 1

Understand me. I wished him dead. I did have half a mind to kill him once, with a cast iron skillet, caught up in the white-hot frenzy. I was fourteen years old, and convinced I was prepared to murder the man choking my mother in the kitchen while a beef roast baked in the oven.Continue reading “Wishing For Death: 1”

First Quarter High

Moonset is drawing nigh, and Lara Babe’s been getting high on Granddaddy Purple, and sepia memories. She steps out onto the patio, and into October sheathed in down feather warmth. Against the black the moon illuminates borrowed amber, and casts a candle flame path upon the lake that stretches from horizon to shore. “If onlyContinue reading “First Quarter High”