Depression Stills Me

I Depression stills me again, and I watch with concrete eyes. Women I never could have been see me only as a monument for the otherwise; and I am lonely, here in this public park. Pigeons clutch my fingertips and peck at my nail beds; flecks of red collect at my feet and I’m remindedContinue reading “Depression Stills Me”

Cold to the Bone

Lungs of disparities breathe in unison gusts. I am disproportionate, Speak my voices of dissidence in devilish tongues. I am the sick in my own mouth of madness, and Cold to the bone. I am the moonfaced ghoul that lives beneath the firmament And above ground, too— Hell won’t even host me. Because I’m disproportionate,Continue reading “Cold to the Bone”

All the Beginnings of Everything

I want to be the light at the very beginning, when shadows steal away, but still remain in waiting.             I want to be the             dawn             of             man,             beneath the sun,             and             in the sand.             I want to be the             first taste of             blood,             firstContinue reading “All the Beginnings of Everything”

You Were No Atheist

I found a photo of us, eight years old, stored in my ‘sent messages.’ We’re sat at Tokyo smoking a cigarillo, looking utterly chuffed with ourselves.   I thought I had destroyed all evidence of the Archer and the Scorpion union.   Goddamn, darling, we made a fucking stunning couple when we stepped out dressedContinue reading “You Were No Atheist”

All the Beginnings of Everything

“Austin has, yet again, created a masterpiece. All the Beginnings of Everything is a sensational collection which spans what feels like a lifetime. Separated into seven parts, Austin explores more in this collection than I feel she ever has done before, without sacrificing her trademark style. Her words remain sharp, raw and honest.” -Kristiana Reed, Between the TreesContinue reading “All the Beginnings of Everything”

TWELVE: a collection of poems and prose

Design by Allane Sinclair TWELVE picks up where Constant Muses ends; this is the yearlong journey of my grief and healing expressed in poems and prose. While most pieces involve my mom directly, some are just byproducts of melancholy. But dark as my days have been, there is one who keeps me tethered to theContinue reading “TWELVE: a collection of poems and prose”