From The Black Naught

I wasn’t ready to start my day. I wanted to stay in bed, wrapped up in Peter, and watch the rise and fall of white cotton sheets for a little while longer. Or close my eyes and go back to dreaming. In my sweet sleep, you were sat on the beach, building sandcastles and exhalingContinue reading “From The Black Naught”

I Die Every Hour/Within Irises

I I die every hour, watching you conform to all the ideals you were never meant for. You were never meant for… If only you would fall between my lines. I write to you honestly, my messy love, before midnight. I love you truly, complicated heart. You beat against your cage— rage against the cageContinue reading “I Die Every Hour/Within Irises”

I Stopped Praying (from Heavy Mental)

I heard her troubled murmurs tangled with the soft gravel of a man’s voice; his name was Not My Dad, and he was dancing with my mom in the too bright kitchen, down the hall. Their shadows came in waves, crashing into the darkness beneath my bedroom door. They’d just finished fucking, out in hisContinue reading “I Stopped Praying (from Heavy Mental)”