A Dream I Had

I And from the evergreen trees, walked a herd of white-tailed deer— two pairs of twelve point antlers leading through a field, dead brown, and crisp. The sky was colorless; sun shone butter pale, unmelting. II Seemingly unseen, I watched, and the deer continued to near. Two by two, they shed their great horns, andContinue reading “A Dream I Had”

Today’s the Day I Learned You’d Died

And how do I save her? The one who loved you better. The one you’d left with, leaving me behind. I’d be fine, without you. Never mind the breakdowns after summer vacation was over— we’d say goodbye for twelve years, and it never got easier for me. You were always okay with sendoffs. I’d cry.Continue reading “Today’s the Day I Learned You’d Died”

I Breathe Still

For a minute or more, I was dead as you, as you were technically dead before the end was absolute— before your brain conceded. For a minute or more, my world was edged in blossoming dark, engrossing, on the cusp of consent. Blackbirds congregated, chattered ‘round my head, and they called dibs on my vitalContinue reading “I Breathe Still”

At Least I Know Now

Tramadol Toxicity— that’s a real bitch-ity. Surely Narcotics are dirty Sarcastics?   High risk for addiction and dependence. Can cause respiratory distress and        h death               g when            i taken in  h doses or combined with other substances, especially alcohol.   YouContinue reading “At Least I Know Now”