I Die Every Hour/Within Irises

I I die every hour, watching you conform to all the ideals you were never meant for. You were never meant for… If only you would fall between my lines. I write to you honestly, my messy love, before midnight. I love you truly, complicated heart. You beat against your cage— rage against the cageContinue reading “I Die Every Hour/Within Irises”

GI Distress

Don’t be stoopid. It’s not me— definitely you.   1. Shush, now. I know break-ups are rough. Tough like   Rawhide. Ever watch a dog chew on processed cow skin? That shit’s indigestible; causes intestinal swelling and diarrhea, etcetera.   Funny, some relationships are (un)just over-sized break-ups in-waiting, glazed with meat flavoring for optimal taste.Continue reading “GI Distress”

Potato Salad and Pastrami

Saw your face today at the supermarket; you watched me under the counter and over the mustard potato salad. Oh! How far you’ve come; I should say thanks for spitting down my throat. Thanks for the lies, babe; for nothing is truer than venom. You never did have the intention of making me an honestContinue reading “Potato Salad and Pastrami”

Arbor Brewing Co.

  I had a boyfriend, once, an artist— he introduced me to Ray LaMontagne and Wilco… he worked at Disney for a while, or so he said.   He was an artist, and I was a writer, and the two of us smashed together.   If you read this, Tyler Aaron Travis, (a name IContinue reading “Arbor Brewing Co.”

Do Soulmates Even Exist?

When will I find the one? That’s what people wandering wonder; they worry over love, and finding their soulmate, never considering that we are capable of loving many over a lifetime, and sometimes all at once.   My heart is full to swelling, and I wish it wasn’t because it makes it harder to beContinue reading “Do Soulmates Even Exist?”

Chordae Tendineae

Pluck me a melody from the sinews of your heart— be mine own Orpheus; private poet, sing me your soul. Tell me you’ll give me adoration, heavy— more than mine arms can carry, plus.   I promise I will dance for you like Eurydice, cherished wife.   I promise I will strip for you likeContinue reading “Chordae Tendineae”

Viscera in Danger (revamp)

Their need is visceral. Oh! Pretty blonde girl, fresh trailer park trash, junkyard dogs snarl and quarrel over your flesh— tongues wag to get at your bones. Twelve years old, and your marrow is aromatic.   Mother’s a full-time drunk, and you only got a part-time daddy.   Good luck, babe; welcome to Contaminated Manor.Continue reading “Viscera in Danger (revamp)”

You Cannot Have Me As You Like (revamp)

I know, I know, I’m such a drag— sucks you cannot have me as you like.   Menthol ciggie makes my mouth pertty dirty, but the whiskey makes my tongue taste like Sunday morning sex. Are you really so disgusted, or just pissed I make you flex?   So I’m not Lady-like. I’m Woman-like. AndContinue reading “You Cannot Have Me As You Like (revamp)”