Versatile Blog Award


Congratulations to Henna at Murder Tramp Birthday for receiving the Versatile Blogger Award! Henna’s writing is fucking bananas, and I greatly admire her.

Thank you, dear heart, for nominating me.  ❤

So, the rules this time around are to write seven interesting things about yourself, then choose fifteen of your favorite bloggers to nominate.

7 Things You May or May Not Care to Know About Me

  1. I’m incapable of reciting the alphabet backwards.
  2. In my mid-twenties, I was a lector at my local Catholic church. I was most often hungover, or still drunk from imbibing the night before, but no one ever knew because I’m the balls.
  3. I partied with Gaelic Storm at a Holiday Inn hotel bar in 2008. I have photographic evidence.
  4. The kids at school used to call me Spock because of my misshapen right ear.
  5. In 2009 I was nearly thrown in airport jail at Heathrow. My passport is tarnished with an angry red stamp.
  6. I don’t have any tattoos.
  7. I dropped acid once, when I was seventeen.

As many of Henna’s fifteen nominees are my favorites too, I’m just going to add a few writers you should totes check out, dudes. (I know, I’m not following the rules.)

Damn, Girl

Free Verse Revolution 


Silent Hour

Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

37 thoughts on “Versatile Blog Award

  1. I was weird and recited the alphabet backwards before I could even say it the normal way. And now that I’ve had kids, I’m teaching them a backwards song I recently made up. Try it!
    (To the tune of the ABC song)
    Now I know…”

    Hope it helps:)

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  2. Ah…I see, I think. I need to give this my full attention. Just not tonight. Although, may I just say that I didn’t know those things AND I don’t have any tattoos either, a fact that always elicits the “don’t you?” response (it’s the same way people say “DON’T YOU – FFS?” about me not liking Xmas. Do we just look like we should have tattoos/like Xmas?

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          1. Bahahahaha! Speaking of emoji, I watched the Emoji Movie the other day because I thought Morgan might like to see the bright colors and whatnot. That movie is absolute SHIT. Wow.

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          2. I think I may have seen the ONE trailer that made it look quite good lol. It’s not out yet, but Coco fits the bill for bright colours and whatnots, even if it is about dead people. It is not SHIT though. It was fabulous and I want to go and see it again.

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  3. Bloody hell! I now wonder about the story behind number 5. You tried to invade England by yourself didn’t you? To raid our stores of Jaffa Cakes.

    Also, you and I have number 6 in common. This revelation tends to surprise a few people though because of how I look.

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    1. Haha! I will not rest until my kingdom is well built with ALL of the Jaffa Cakes!

      So, the story is that I was flagged as suspicious, firstly because I was only carrying 36 pounds. I explained that I had visited the currency exchange at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and exchanged all of the American cash I had in my pocket. This led to the question, “Why are traveling internationally with so little money? Where are you staying?” I told her where I was staying–I was a guest in someone’s home–and further explained that I was carrying credit cards, as I do not like to travel with large sums of paper money. I was accused of being rude, and was threatened to be detained. Of course I apologized. I was asked if I was married. “Yes.” Long story short, she pieced together that I had flown over the Atlantic to pursue an affair, which was heavily frowned upon because the woman “didn’t like the idea of an American woman coming into her country for the purpose of taking advantage of its citizens.” When she stamped my passport, she said, “I’m allowing in, but this red mark means that I find you suspicious.” Ugh.

      People assume I have tattoos, too. I think it must be due to my personality?


      1. I suppose it doesn’t matter which industry you interact with, there are judgemental fools in all of them. I am sorry you had to deal with the bad attitude of one of the first people folks meet when entering the country.
        I think I pity her lack of imagination most of all. There are countless reasons to visit another country. Biscuits being one of them!.

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      2. My effing gawd! That’s a hideous way to be treated. My Scottish friend and her now husband had a VERY similar experience at Glasgow airport. She was there to meet him but, before he came through customs, they were both taken into small rooms and interrogated for hours. It was incredibly traumatic for them. They were concerned that they were going to marry on that visit. They weren’t, but they did eventually. They now live in Connecticut and have 2 adult kids.


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