A couple of cool kids in knitted caps laugh in the corner of a coffee house and

I wonder first, what’s really so funny about our present state of affairs? And


did they knit those caps with their own hands from the wool of

American sheep?

Trump trumpeters trumpet in the corner of a coffee house and

I know that bringing jobs home plays second fiddle to building walls and



Yes, let’s send the pricks packing back to their countries of origin—countries

they really have never known— so they can take up the


our stylish caps.

Yes, let’s keep on keepin’ on with our lax gun laws; and let us not lose focus on the

evil of Planned Parenthood. Let’s shut down the government for three fucking days and

make sure we pay those in power while our military servicemen/women continue their

duties without compensation for the most honorable jobs on the planet.

A couple of cool kids in knitted caps laugh in the corner of a coffee house and

I want to introduce them to actual cynicism—because what they joke about isn’t fucking


Feminism, in the true sense, isn’t something that should be disparaged. And

if they didn’t rely on motherfucking memes to educate them—if they would research


sensational main stream media—maybe they would gain some respect, and become


A couple of cool kids in knitted caps laugh in the corner of a coffee house and

I shake my head at the willful ignorance.

I scream inside.

I consider stuffing their caps down their throats.


Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

39 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. This is awesome. I agree change doesn’t happen with Presidential elections alone, it starts at getting involved in our local politics and then its a domino effect. I think this is where Democrats fall short. And don’t get me started on organized religion either!!

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  2. Well said. Education nowadays stops at memes and outraging headlines. People are angry yet they focus all of their anger on those that in terms of society are on the lowest of levels. Put there by so called developed and evolved society that shows compassion only when it fits its needs and goals. Common sense has long departed. Replaced by mob mentality that screams for lynching of anything that disagrees with them. Who are them? We so easily convince ourselves that them only exist among ‘them’ and never among us too. We are them too sometimes and it’s time we own our shit too. It shouldn’t be considered a weakness if one admits wrong doing. At the same time just admitting shouldn’t mean all is well now. Admitting is just one step towards a better future. Very tiny step. Insignificant if nit followed by another step that shows we understood why it was wrong in the first place and are ready to evolve, to change. Revolutions are never easy. Get ready for this one to get harder. And it’s ok. We are after all fighting for a better future. Better future that doesn’t put wealth ahead of everything else. Better future where society effortlessly takes care of those that are in dire need, those that are the weakest. Anyways, just wanted to say: fuck yeah!

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    1. Politics is always the topic that makes me lose followers…well, politics and religion, LOL! But I suppose you can guess that I don’t give a fuck about blog followers…I say what I feel I need to say. But to the point–

      Yes, the Dems caved. And people need to get out and vote. For EVERY election. Change doesn’t happen with Presidential elections alone. They need to vote at local elections, too.

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