About Me: life as a writer (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5–I’m Alive!)

Though fiction is my truest passion, I do love writing foul-mouthed social commentary–mostly because I love swear words and my (highly esteemed) opinions in equal measure. Ha! But for realz, I love writing. Always have. I was the majorus dorkus in school who enjoyed crafting bodacious term papers after spending obscene hours researching the goddamnContinue reading “About Me: life as a writer (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5–I’m Alive!)”

About Me: I can barely make sentences

So, I’ve been preoccupied with writing my election coverage article for The Bridge magazine; our debut issue is scheduled for January 1! I’ve just decided to take a break from work, perhaps conjure some fiction, or compose a poem. But, fuuuhhh, my brain is incapable of braining at the moment–unable to change trains.

About Me: new creative opportunities in progress (part one)

This past July, I submitted an essay by request for the Mansfield Gay Pride Festival, which was published in this year’s Pride magazine. The magazine is presently under new construction, with the first issue release date of January, 2017. It is now official. I am a writer, and proofreader for this exciting new brand. Gaaahhh!!!

Excerpt from a first draft long forgotten

  Abby arrives at the front door with the new day. She does not knock before entering into the cool kitchen because she does not have to; the door is never locked unless both of them are away, far out of town. The lights are all off, and the only sound she hears is theContinue reading “Excerpt from a first draft long forgotten”

About Me: life as a writer (part petit four)

I put up a fight so brilliant, I won–I finished my first novel. Now I’m fighting for my second; only 25,000 words deep, and I’m already considering a pretty major reconstruction. This decision, I never make lightly, mostly because I have trouble letting go of the “perfect.” Perfect scenes, perfect dialogue, perfect character motivation. IContinue reading “About Me: life as a writer (part petit four)”

The Writer’s Struggle Is Real

Another agent passed on my manuscript. Fuuuhhh… When I finished my novel a few months ago, I knew it would be tough to break into traditional publishing. I’ve queried less than ten agents, and all but one have responded. I intend to keep sending submissions, as I believe in my talent as a novelist. ThatContinue reading “The Writer’s Struggle Is Real”