Let’s lounge beneath a 60’s sun in the heat of mid-July; we’ll smoke full flavored cigarettes, and drink Tom Collinses while The Animals play. I love spinning records–It’s My Life. We’ll call out the neighbors with our vinyl airwaves heavy in the heat haze. Block party–yes!      

I Know Why

Growing up, I raised an alcoholic mother. I did my best, but often failed to keep her safe–to keep her free of angry, intoxicated hands. And I listened to her, a dutiful counselor; too bad she seldom accepted my advice. It’s because of my relationship with my mother that I became interested in psychology asContinue reading “I Know Why”

About love at first sight

It was March cold, but the whiskey in her veins kept her warm enough beneath the crisp white moon suspended in the black. Breath puffed out of her running mouth, steam train grey–choo, choo! He wasn’t listening, but watching the story unfold, memorizing her every gesture. Sweet girl with the pale face, eloquently profane, she wasContinue reading “About love at first sight”

You’re a Dead Man

She met him in a bar near Central Station, a modish one at the top floor of an understated building. The weather was lovely for a late afternoon in October, still she didn’t wait outside for her date; she was incredibly thirsty due to violent nerves. So, Lucas found his ballerina lounging on the terraceContinue reading “You’re a Dead Man”

In Color

grain grey and silver light I sometimes dream in black and white flash paper film, flimsy flames flicker, monochrome whimsy and I am the tinder ashes fly, cigarette cinder I collect at your feet please do finish your whiskey neat I will watch you imbibe, classy bastard good with a gibe upon the floor myContinue reading “In Color”

You cannot have me as you like.

I know, I know, I’m such a drag– It sucks You cannot have me as you like.   A menthol ciggie in my mouth, Whiskey and diet soda– Quietly drunk I  write alone. Yeah, you know I’m such a drag. And you cannot have me as you like.   I know, I know, I’m suchContinue reading “You cannot have me as you like.”