Sincerely though, Thank You For Your Consideration

Words form sentences, sentences form paragraphs– page upon page my heart bleeds and for you there is a disconnect, so you pass on my manuscript. Either I’m a bad writer, or you just don’t feel me– You don’t feel me, bruh. I know what I’m all about.

Memorial Day: Not About Hot Dogs

To all of you who do not know the history–the reason for Memorial Day, I’m taking you to school. Leave your Bud beer, shitty potato salad, and platter of grilled meats at the table. Memorial Day honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. This holiday originated in the years following theContinue reading “Memorial Day: Not About Hot Dogs”

…being the way you are: a brief memoir for my daughter

  I wasn’t surprised. I already had a sense of you, but still, when I found out about you for sure, your existence eviscerated me. The confirmation was just so heart sickening. I stood there in the bathroom staring at that stupid stick. Who I was, the things that I had done, the things thatContinue reading “…being the way you are: a brief memoir for my daughter”