Memorial Day: Not About Hot Dogs

To all of you who do not know the history–the reason for Memorial Day, I’m taking you to school. Leave your Bud beer, shitty potato salad, and platter of grilled meats at the table. Memorial Day honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. This holiday originated in the years following theContinue reading “Memorial Day: Not About Hot Dogs”

The Terrible 2s

Today is Poems & Paragraphs’ 2nd birthday. Oh, my Glob! Thank you, David Bowie! You’re awesome, too. Almost as awesome as my readers, friends, and partners in crime. I’ve met some terrific talent and beautiful souls here on WordPress–people who I look forward to crossing paths with every day. Rather than celebrate the birth ofContinue reading “The Terrible 2s”

The Power of Human Connection

You are love letters sent Over landscapes and seas Underneath the heavens—   Abounding Radiance Eclipses my obscurity—   Lo lamenting heart O’ mine Violence Eviscerated by Deliverance   My friends, I thank you all for the care and kindness, the prayers and good vibes; truly, every word of encouragement and sympathy sent has helpedContinue reading “The Power of Human Connection”

My Hiatus

For those who are unaware, my mother passed away earlier this month, which is why I’ve not been very present here on WordPress. Aside from posting nearly daily, I read and comment just as often, if not more often. To me, reading, commenting, and reblogging moving content is just as important as posting my ownContinue reading “My Hiatus”

My First Book Signing

Today was epic–my first book signing. Preparing, I was nervous. I’ve never been one who seeks to be the center of attention; that shit comes naturally, if I’m being honest. And it’s odd; for a person who can from 0-fuck you in half a second, I thrive under pressure when it really counts. Somehow I manageContinue reading “My First Book Signing”

Thanks an Effing Lot!

Dearest friends and family the world over, You all deserve ponies, and ice cream sundaes, and bouncy castles, and…I don’t know. What is like, super balls awesome? ATVs? ATVs, I suppose, are pretty fucking rad. The encouragement I receive in support of my dream is incredible, and incomparable. I’m an author now, not only becauseContinue reading “Thanks an Effing Lot!”

Total Hip Replacement: the aftermath

I  have fully realized my dependence upon my PC. Nearly three weeks without writing at my desk has left me feeling incomplete. Today is my first day back; my chair is once again comfortable, and I feel more like myself than I have since February 3. I am bionic, at long last. And now toContinue reading “Total Hip Replacement: the aftermath”

a brief memoir of summer days with my dad and his ’69 AMX

and  clinging to my tongue;  198o’s, one my of favorite flavors.  AMX moving in stereo, shredding pavement. My dad has been rebuilding cars since he was kid living in Fostoria, Michigan. Fostoria, a rural place that’s fun to get to by way of curving, and deep sloping roads; I called the curving roads S roads whenContinue reading “a brief memoir of summer days with my dad and his ’69 AMX”