Catch a Chronic Illness

If you don’t have a chronic illness, I suggest you find one, grab hold of it, and hand over control. Life is much simpler when you have something legitimate to blame. If you feel like cutting out of work early, your illness is the best excuse to walk out in the middle of your shift,Continue reading “Catch a Chronic Illness”

Full Bitch Rising Bright White and Callous

Go on, and draw those Roman shades; it’s not the sun you owe in spades, but the moon. She does come tonight, so see that those shades are pulled tight– Roman shades for blocking the sun, but the moon? Oh, this will be fun! An oath to the white you did make, and sanity theContinue reading “Full Bitch Rising Bright White and Callous”

Love: You’re an Asshole

There once was a girl who loved a boy, a boy whose roots were rooted far away; the boy loved the girl too, though a dream. One day the couple met, and did learn dreams are much sweeter than reality. Reality hurts, but it is good. The girl now loves another, the victor. The victorContinue reading “Love: You’re an Asshole”


Generalized Anxiety Disorder has similar symptoms as panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder, but they are all different conditions. Symptoms of GAD vary from individual to individual, and may include:  persistent worrying or obsession about concerns out of proportion to the impact of the event; inability to let go of worry, or set worry aside;Continue reading “E-gad!”

Lies Anxiety Tells Her

“You’re not smart enough,” Anxiety tells her. On a good day, my girl, she knows better. But something will happen– Something must always happen– Ill happenstance Hungry Anxiety pulls her in tight And my sweet baby believes Anxiety is right. Lost in the terrific maw, her heart rages Against the ugly, hateful, deceitful mirages– Against theContinue reading “Lies Anxiety Tells Her”

Life With My Mother

I love her to the point of madness, my mother, a paradox wrapped in sun-kissed paper flesh. To embrace her is to hold an armful of hollow bones; the shell of a woman short-lived. If only you could study the photographs of my childhood, or look through the lens of my mind’s eye, you wouldContinue reading “Life With My Mother”