Fibromyalgia: You Don’t Own Me

Despite the pain I live with every day, I often do forget that I’m not twenty anymore–until I hand down to my girl some vintage band tees too small for me now. Goodbye Fleetwood Mac tank top, and Rolling Stones long sleeved t-shirt. See you around, Abbey Road with the small hole in the armpit.Continue reading “Fibromyalgia: You Don’t Own Me”

Catch a Chronic Illness

If you don’t have a chronic illness, I suggest you find one, grab hold of it, and hand over control. Life is much simpler when you have something legitimate to blame. If you feel like cutting out of work early, your illness is the best excuse to walk out in the middle of your shift,Continue reading “Catch a Chronic Illness”

About Me: more adventures in adulting

I have severe bilateral hip osteoarthritis, and today I’ve learned it is time for right hip replacement. The left will follow most likely within the next two years. Steroidal injections are no longer beneficial–the pain I’m living with is fucking fantastic. If I wait until spring, I will be 38 years old. My surgeon hasContinue reading “About Me: more adventures in adulting”