I Wish I Could Like, I Don’t Know, Burn His Blog Down, Or Something. LOL

“I wish I could like, I don’t know, burn his blog down, or something. LOL” “Hahahaha. Oh go on, write a blog with that title. X” “Hahaha! Yeah, that whole thing as a title lol” “Yeah, the whole thing, lol” I’ve been a blogger under various variations of my name, as well as a fewContinue reading “I Wish I Could Like, I Don’t Know, Burn His Blog Down, Or Something. LOL”

Real at 2 a.m.

I like to be awake alone at night. Perhaps it’s a preference inherited from my mother. Can preferences be inherent? Any smarty-pants reading this post, feel free to comment the answer below; however I do know the answer to the broader question unasked. So, maybe don’t bother commenting because you’ll probably just piss me off. YouContinue reading “Real at 2 a.m.”

In Color

grain grey and silver light I sometimes dream in black and white flash paper film, flimsy flames flicker, monochrome whimsy and I am the tinder ashes fly, cigarette cinder I collect at your feet please do finish your whiskey neat I will watch you imbibe, classy bastard good with a gibe upon the floor myContinue reading “In Color”