In Your Eyes, I See Her

Her presence is reflected in your darling infant irises; she plays hide-and-seek with me ‘tween shadow and late sunlight. Forgive my tears, sweet baby niece— your auntie is not sad at you;   I am merely overwhelmed by the transcendence of love.   A day will come when you will know the strength that coursesContinue reading “In Your Eyes, I See Her”

For My Niece, Brand New Today

Dear Morgan, The world is enormously tragical, but within your brand new deep wondering eyes, I see all the beauty— every miracle that is, and ever will be. What omnipotent being exists who is pure as a sweet babe fresh from the womb? Morgan with immaculate heart, springtime flows through your veins— from baby’s breathContinue reading “For My Niece, Brand New Today”