Sky has gone steel-blue, stone heavy Feeble sun wears charcoal clouds–a funeral shroud Bass drums fade in fast as growing blackness settles low Rumblings punctuate with a resounding boom Enter snare drums, snapping Electronica rising Ribbons extend from Heaven to horizon and Vanish, instantaneous Thunder rattles rib cages with guttural power Sky falls down inContinue reading “Electronica”

Don’t Let Me Go To Waste

Lay me down in the field where wildflowers grow Beneath our friend, the sun, hung in the firmament And clouds, bleached white sugar fluff drift by in the breeze. Open your nostrils and breathe the air, earth’s perfume– Smell the bouquet of grass and sweet petals, and soil Untainted, unreachable by the big city WhereContinue reading “Don’t Let Me Go To Waste”

A time of my youth remembered…

I lay upon the summer earth–not in the shade, but beneath the god-like sun, soaking in the yellow hazy heat–and with eyes closed, stare at the light filtering through my thin lids, an orangey hue. Blades of grass, the wide ones perfectly made for whistling, they did most of the tickling; my  toes twitched, and my bare armsContinue reading “A time of my youth remembered…”