A Peculiar Dream I Had

I dreamt you were a naked doll, sized true-to-life. You were assembled like the art manikin I use for sketching, only your head was your actual head—your face was arranged in a placid expression. A random little girl had fished you out of a cold river, and I snatched you from her greedy arms asContinue reading “A Peculiar Dream I Had”

You Never Could Help Me With Math

Something happens, and I am reminded that all of the good words have been taken by the 80s. I can’t write you a heavy synth song, penned in black kohl; can’t dip my heart into inderivative hair dye— there’s no such thing, really. *** Something happens, and I am reminded that I can’t call you.Continue reading “You Never Could Help Me With Math”

My Hiatus

For those who are unaware, my mother passed away earlier this month, which is why I’ve not been very present here on WordPress. Aside from posting nearly daily, I read and comment just as often, if not more often. To me, reading, commenting, and reblogging moving content is just as important as posting my ownContinue reading “My Hiatus”

And Painted the Floor

In the kitchen my mother was dead with no religion; she’d bumped her head and painted the floor.   Dead head red linoleum   Mother were your eyes closed or open? Only the cat knows as well as policemen.   Bloated bag of bones drained and taking space in chest of drawers… you don’t belongContinue reading “And Painted the Floor”

Mourning Song

Fifty-eight years, you were gone at fifty-seven Fifty-eight years since the day you were born, nearly one year since you left–coming this November I will cry, but not no harder than I’ve already been Grief knows no clock– mourning does not expire The Sun still rises, and does fall You’re still gone and I’m stillContinue reading “Mourning Song”