Feeling Some Type of Way

At 3:33 pm, on the third day of October, it is 82 degrees where I live in Michigan. The house is cool inside, too cool, so I’ve opened a window for balance–just one. The sun is a golden god today, and the trees are waving happy branches in the breeze–lots of them have managed toContinue reading “Feeling Some Type of Way”

Some Words for My Girl

If you’d let me, I’d count your freckles—each kiss print from the sun—I’d connect the dots of constellations tattooed on your alabaster skin—a magic map to be deciphered by the moonlight. You are the cosmos in human form—all-encompassing and beautiful beyond description. When I’m with you, I am energized; positivity radiates from your being, andContinue reading “Some Words for My Girl”

You’re a Bitch, and I love You

All my life, mother, I’ve loved you above myself even when you’ve loved yourself more than you’ve loved me in return. I now know you’ve hated yourself for making me abandon myself in hopes you’d love me in return. You’re sick, my mother; you’re aware. But I am strong, and you are proud. You don’tContinue reading “You’re a Bitch, and I love You”

Wishing for Death: 2

I knew for certain I was pregnant three months before my eighteenth birthday; I was a high school senior. I wanted to die. Or at least I wanted her to die, though I couldn’t show up for the abortion my step-mother had arranged. I just couldn’t bring myself to take an active part in theContinue reading “Wishing for Death: 2”

“Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way”

I’m glad my parents failed me, because in their failure, they were actually succeeding. I grew up knowing my parents were human beings, like me. I learned that there are consequences for everyone; I learned humility, and that taking responsibility for one’s offenses was honorable. Imperfect people raising imperfect adults–that’s where’s it at. It makesContinue reading ““Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way””