A Wedding Poem

Our loved ones who’ve risen and live now in the bless-ed skies of rose gold— they beam down upon you two, as we all who breathe are smiling upon your grand unification.   This day, you’ve both chosen to tie your souls together before devoted eyes. We are all bless-ed witnesses to these oaths. WeContinue reading “A Wedding Poem”

Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest

“I have to hang up now. My husband is home.” Her husband had not come home early. In fact, he didn’t even come home on time that night. While his wife spent her lonely hours wondering why she had lied to a man and cried for a man whom she’d never even touched, Mr. drankContinue reading “Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest”

Going To Bed Angry

I questioned your morals, in so many words, even though I know the heart of you. But it’s because I know the heart of you that I questioned your morals. Okay, not questioned, but attacked. I attacked your integrity. So you went to bed without me. Now Melvin is hanging about, dancing around my feet,Continue reading “Going To Bed Angry”