Real at 2 a.m.

I like to be awake alone at night. Perhaps it’s a preference inherited from my mother. Can preferences be inherent? Any smarty-pants reading this post, feel free to comment the answer below; however I do know the answer to the broader question unasked. So, maybe don’t bother commenting because you’ll probably just piss me off. YouContinue reading “Real at 2 a.m.”

Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest

“I have to hang up now. My husband is home.” Her husband had not come home early. In fact, he didn’t even come home on time that night. While his wife spent her lonely hours wondering why she had lied to a man and cried for a man whom she’d never even touched, Mr. drankContinue reading “Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest”

Roses in our mouths

Salty wet flesh bag full of broken pieces– Crumpled and torn, collapsed at your feetses, You removed my bones; gathered them two by two. Then you pricked your finger, and bled red glue. You worked with precision– You’d made your decision. My skin you dried with your breath, and sealed up rips Feathered at theContinue reading “Roses in our mouths”

Marital Bliss

  Rowena was alert when the alarm clock screamed at four in the morning. She lay still, curled up on her side, pretending to sleep, her face buried in her pillow. Adrian slammed a heavy hand down upon the clock, silencing its cries mid-beep. He rolled over and kissed his wife’s bare shoulder; she shudderedContinue reading “Marital Bliss”