Marital Bliss

  Rowena was alert when the alarm clock screamed at four in the morning. She lay still, curled up on her side, pretending to sleep, her face buried in her pillow. Adrian slammed a heavy hand down upon the clock, silencing its cries mid-beep. He rolled over and kissed his wife’s bare shoulder; she shudderedContinue reading “Marital Bliss”

Icicle Prick

So pretty to look at, so perfectly sharp! I was compelled to touch you– You invited me to touch you, Only to prick my innocent fingertip.   Crimson droplets dappled the snow, and you laughed At my tears. “Why?” I cried. “Why?” A cool prism, you glared at me, “It’s your own damn fault, darling,Continue reading “Icicle Prick”

His Oath Fulfilled

He is a liar. “Now that I know you,” the Scorpion had sworn, “I can never unknow you. Should you ever leave me lonely, I promise I will not live.” But he is still breathing, five thousand miles away, brooding beneath the rolling grey skies that belong to my darling seaside city. I often imagine hisContinue reading “His Oath Fulfilled”

…being the way you are: a brief memoir for my daughter

  I wasn’t surprised. I already had a sense of you, but still, when I found out about you for sure, your existence eviscerated me. The confirmation was just so heart sickening. I stood there in the bathroom staring at that stupid stick. Who I was, the things that I had done, the things thatContinue reading “…being the way you are: a brief memoir for my daughter”

In the Black

He visits the beachfront every night And shouts her name at the ireful sea. He stands at the rock-strewn coastline, His tall frame stooped and shaking As the frigid tides break before him.   He laments the woman who haunts him— The Archer, a living ghost.   His heartache is a fury that its vesselContinue reading “In the Black”

Eternally October

In his dreams, she dances In and out of shadow and luminescence. Her liquescent movements are reminiscent Of a languid flame that once danced for the rose candle, Which now sits cold, useless— Dead since late October.   He breathes deeply scents of Sandalwood and rose, the essence of her hair. He tastes the redolenceContinue reading “Eternally October”