I Breathe Still

For a minute or more, I was dead as you, as you were technically dead before the end was absolute— before your brain conceded. For a minute or more, my world was edged in blossoming dark, engrossing, on the cusp of consent. Blackbirds congregated, chattered ‘round my head, and they called dibs on my vitalContinue reading “I Breathe Still”

You Never Could Help Me With Math

Something happens, and I am reminded that all of the good words have been taken by the 80s. I can’t write you a heavy synth song, penned in black kohl; can’t dip my heart into inderivative hair dye— there’s no such thing, really. *** Something happens, and I am reminded that I can’t call you.Continue reading “You Never Could Help Me With Math”

The Power of Human Connection

You are love letters sent Over landscapes and seas Underneath the heavens—   Abounding Radiance Eclipses my obscurity—   Lo lamenting heart O’ mine Violence Eviscerated by Deliverance   My friends, I thank you all for the care and kindness, the prayers and good vibes; truly, every word of encouragement and sympathy sent has helpedContinue reading “The Power of Human Connection”

And Painted the Floor

In the kitchen my mother was dead with no religion; she’d bumped her head and painted the floor.   Dead head red linoleum   Mother were your eyes closed or open? Only the cat knows as well as policemen.   Bloated bag of bones drained and taking space in chest of drawers… you don’t belongContinue reading “And Painted the Floor”

Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman

Cleanse me in stardust, And I might apprehend love, Cosmically; For I’ve been shipwrecked, Cataclysmically— Marooned inside of mine (K.M.A.)   Love screams behind Clenched teeth Just out of reach Swallowed by time Solitary supernova Catastrophically Unaccompanied (1Wise-Woman)   Claustrophobic frenzied Heart rattles my ribcage— A prisoner imprisoned by Distortions of love lost to AContinue reading “Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman”