You’re a Bitch, and I love You

All my life, mother, I’ve loved you above myself even when you’ve loved yourself more than you’ve loved me in return. I now know you’ve hated yourself for making me abandon myself in hopes you’d love me in return. You’re sick, my mother; you’re aware. But I am strong, and you are proud. You don’tContinue reading “You’re a Bitch, and I love You”

Rotting Penis Disease

Memories are just fragments of film. It’s odd, some of the events our brains retain, be they home movies, or pure fiction–intricate fabrications focused tighter and tighter over time. The power of suggestion is strong, indeed. My mother is one of those story tellers who believes in the fables she’s invented, says my dad. IContinue reading “Rotting Penis Disease”

State of Affairs

[Preface: I am a patriotic woman; the proud wife of an ARMY veteran.] There are actual rules to safeguard against unfair warfare. Read that again: There are actual rules to safeguard against unfair warfare. I’m sorry. Color me fucking stupid, but what’s the point of these rules? There are weapons that are illegal in warfare. Weapons suchContinue reading “State of Affairs”

A Call For Revolution

I was born a breeze, blue sharp and breaking Sunday glassware– social refinement is over-rated when innocent blood is spilled in the name of Peace. What peace? Fundraisers are crooks. Uppity mother fuckers dress up in laurels. It’s the regular people who give an actual fuck. When will real America embrace the fact that weContinue reading “A Call For Revolution”

Wishing For Death: 1

Understand me. I wished him dead. I did have half a mind to kill him once, with a cast iron skillet, caught up in the white-hot frenzy. I was fourteen years old, and convinced I was prepared to murder the man choking my mother in the kitchen while a beef roast baked in the oven.Continue reading “Wishing For Death: 1”