Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman

Cleanse me in stardust, And I might apprehend love, Cosmically; For I’ve been shipwrecked, Cataclysmically— Marooned inside of mine (K.M.A.)   Love screams behind Clenched teeth Just out of reach Swallowed by time Solitary supernova Catastrophically Unaccompanied (1Wise-Woman)   Claustrophobic frenzied Heart rattles my ribcage— A prisoner imprisoned by Distortions of love lost to AContinue reading “Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman”

Where the Earth Starts to Slope (excerpt from Magpie in August)

  She has my head in her lap. Her fingers are raking through my sweat tangled hair; it kind of hurts, but I don’t want to pull away. All I need now is my little yellow plastic cup filled with apple or grape juice. I’m crushing ants with my thumb as they speed along theContinue reading “Where the Earth Starts to Slope (excerpt from Magpie in August)”

Unheard Incantations: A Collaborative Poem

The words we cannot say Will be wept Into silence between us (CER) Breathe deep, dear love; Be still with me Listen to my heartstrings A song meant just for you (KMA) Each tear An eloquent elegy To tortured truths (AP) Each note played On a hand carved lute Strung with strips Of my soulContinue reading “Unheard Incantations: A Collaborative Poem”

Stirring- a Collaborative Poem from Christine Ray, Aurora Phoenix, and Kindra M. Austin

Your swift flowing water Elusive, quicksilver Brushes past my shores Licking my roughing grains burgeoning a flash flood Tributaries cut into earth New veins carry fresh lifeblood Awakening me from long slumber longing rippling outward concentric circles lapping by turns urgent and languid your ebb begets my flow See the colors of infant life sproutingContinue reading “Stirring- a Collaborative Poem from Christine Ray, Aurora Phoenix, and Kindra M. Austin”

OUT OF ORBIT (an excerpt from Magpie in August)

  -5- OUT OF ORBIT   I wish I didn’t want Dad back. Or you, little sister. It hurts too much to want. And it’s too damn hard to figure out which hurts me more, missing the dead, or missing the living; though I don’t know why it should really matter. What I do knowContinue reading “OUT OF ORBIT (an excerpt from Magpie in August)”