Full Bitch Rising Bright White and Callous

Go on, and draw those Roman shades; it’s not the sun you owe in spades, but the moon. She does come tonight, so see that those shades are pulled tight– Roman shades for blocking the sun, but the moon? Oh, this will be fun! An oath to the white you did make, and sanity theContinue reading “Full Bitch Rising Bright White and Callous”

because indifference

I don’t hate you, I hate myself instead because indifference is something that escapes me daily. You’ve set up shop inside my head, busy with your hammer and nails; it’s your new occupation, knocking down walls–building a bigger space for you to inhabit because I never could offer enough of myself. I’m not even yours,Continue reading “because indifference”

Oh, You Poor Girl

I dreamt of you–again. It’s been years, but in my sleep I still recall every feature of your fine pale face and the guttural tone of your voice. I can still smell menthol ciggies, and gin and tonic clinging to your breath. Every night I spend with your phantom banging around inside my head, IContinue reading “Oh, You Poor Girl”

In the Black

He visits the beachfront every night And shouts her name at the ireful sea. He stands at the rock-strewn coastline, His tall frame stooped and shaking As the frigid tides break before him.   He laments the woman who haunts him— The Archer, a living ghost.   His heartache is a fury that its vesselContinue reading “In the Black”