Pride: Hatred’s Mother

Prideful people cannot be talked down from their self-righteous platforms; in this age, I don’t even think Jesus Christ himself could reach them. In fact, the whole idea of God has been twisted by Holy Rollers to suit their opinions–opinions which they claim as Christian faith. Not that this notion of mine is unique orContinue reading “Pride: Hatred’s Mother”

Oh, You Poor Girl

I dreamt of you–again. It’s been years, but in my sleep I still recall every feature of your fine pale face and the guttural tone of your voice. I can still smell menthol ciggies, and gin and tonic clinging to your breath. Every night I spend with your phantom banging around inside my head, IContinue reading “Oh, You Poor Girl”

A Letter To Me

Darling dearest, Do you even recognize yourself when you look into a mirror? This transformation of yours, its been a long process in what feels like such a short amount of time. Sometimes you forget your current state and accidentally go to do the things you used to do; like get into your car andContinue reading “A Letter To Me”

Rip It Off

    Thick crust long and deep Color of crisped  bread crumb coating You began as a crimson bead A perfect little blob of blood Love’s deed It did prick again And again, plunged deeper each time New blood building upon the old Across my chest crispy  coating Love’s bold Brazen behavior I should haveContinue reading “Rip It Off”

Let Us All Be Human

“Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” -Jesus   “Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.” -Buddha   Pride joined with many virtues chokes them all.  -Jewish Proverb   “Human decency is not derived from religion.Continue reading “Let Us All Be Human”

Marital Bliss

  Rowena was alert when the alarm clock screamed at four in the morning. She lay still, curled up on her side, pretending to sleep, her face buried in her pillow. Adrian slammed a heavy hand down upon the clock, silencing its cries mid-beep. He rolled over and kissed his wife’s bare shoulder; she shudderedContinue reading “Marital Bliss”

Icicle Prick

So pretty to look at, so perfectly sharp! I was compelled to touch you– You invited me to touch you, Only to prick my innocent fingertip.   Crimson droplets dappled the snow, and you laughed At my tears. “Why?” I cried. “Why?” A cool prism, you glared at me, “It’s your own damn fault, darling,Continue reading “Icicle Prick”