I am driftwood, imperfect, but good enough to hold onto tightly while you figure out the shape I was destined for–I know you too well, Puzzlemaker. You are one who must make fit the pieces perfectly, lest your life be unfulfilled. So you place me in the vise, and turn, turn, turn. Hold me fastContinue reading “Vise”

I Know Why

Growing up, I raised an alcoholic mother. I did my best, but often failed to keep her safe–to keep her free of angry, intoxicated hands. And I listened to her, a dutiful counselor; too bad she seldom accepted my advice. It’s because of my relationship with my mother that I became interested in psychology asContinue reading “I Know Why”

Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest

“I have to hang up now. My husband is home.” Her husband had not come home early. In fact, he didn’t even come home on time that night. While his wife spent her lonely hours wondering why she had lied to a man and cried for a man whom she’d never even touched, Mr. drankContinue reading “Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest”

Full Bitch Rising Bright White and Callous

Go on, and draw those Roman shades; it’s not the sun you owe in spades, but the moon. She does come tonight, so see that those shades are pulled tight– Roman shades for blocking the sun, but the moon? Oh, this will be fun! An oath to the white you did make, and sanity theContinue reading “Full Bitch Rising Bright White and Callous”

Love: You’re an Asshole

There once was a girl who loved a boy, a boy whose roots were rooted far away; the boy loved the girl too, though a dream. One day the couple met, and did learn dreams are much sweeter than reality. Reality hurts, but it is good. The girl now loves another, the victor. The victorContinue reading “Love: You’re an Asshole”

You’re a Dead Man

She met him in a bar near Central Station, a modish one at the top floor of an understated building. The weather was lovely for a late afternoon in October, still she didn’t wait outside for her date; she was incredibly thirsty due to violent nerves. So, Lucas found his ballerina lounging on the terraceContinue reading “You’re a Dead Man”

Aimed at Antares

Gamma Sagittarii orange, brighter than the sun the tip of my arrowhead vengeful, deadly does glow; see Delta Sagittarii, the center of my bow; See Lambda Sagittarii, and Epsilon, the brightest– northern and southern parts of my magnificent weapon, a sure killer. Chase you across the Heavens I do, aimed at Antares, bleeding Scorpion heart.Continue reading “Aimed at Antares”