For You, Rowena (an explanation)

In eighteen days, I release my third book, a novella titled, For You, Rowena. I’m honored to announce that Allane Sinclair has yet again created a cover that encompasses a universe I’ve imagined and put to paper. I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator than Allane. As always, I hope my words serve justice to theContinue reading “For You, Rowena (an explanation)”

Introducing One for Sorrow

one for sorrow logo © Allane Sinclair/All rights reserved one for sorrow is my new blog specifically for dark fiction, and a companion to my new publishing imprint. The site is still under construction, but please feel free to stop by and see what’s going on. Ever yours, Kindra

For You, Rowena (an excerpt)

  -1- Herald Saw Her Ending   11 June, 2017—Saturday Herald was lounging in the grand bay window that overlooked the flower garden when the end came calling. Curled up on the yellow seat cushions amongst a few magazines, he’d been surveying the backyard through drowsy eyes. He was a keen hunter once, ages ago inContinue reading “For You, Rowena (an excerpt)”

Ever Nightfall vs Noble Light (part one)

A narrative for Jac Forsyth, per her request. The rock revealed its maw only to one. Behold, the barren lady. An occultist warrior ages old in league with the black, she had pledged a terrific oath; inside the belly of the crag, she would keep the good mother and all of her children wrapped tight,Continue reading “Ever Nightfall vs Noble Light (part one)”

First Quarter High

Moonset is drawing nigh, and Lara Babe’s been getting high on Granddaddy Purple, and sepia memories. She steps out onto the patio, and into October sheathed in down feather warmth. Against the black the moon illuminates borrowed amber, and casts a candle flame path upon the lake that stretches from horizon to shore. “If onlyContinue reading “First Quarter High”