“Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way”

I’m glad my parents failed me, because in their failure, they were actually succeeding. I grew up knowing my parents were human beings, like me. I learned that there are consequences for everyone; I learned humility, and that taking responsibility for one’s offenses was honorable. Imperfect people raising imperfect adults–that’s where’s it at. It makesContinue reading ““Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way””

Oh, Girl: A Brief Memoir About Nights Spent With The Chi-Lites

Oh, Girl. Mom couldn’t stand the silence of night after Dad left; couldn’t stand the blaring introspection. And she couldn’t sleep alone. I wanted to sleep alone–needed to curl up alone and be. I was eleven years old, sleeping in a goddamned waterbed with my mother, and my six year old sister between us. The bedContinue reading “Oh, Girl: A Brief Memoir About Nights Spent With The Chi-Lites”

A Brief Memoir About Guilt

I still think about that Father’s Day weekend. I still feel the guilt. I still cry. I was twelve, living in a dirty trailer park with my mother, and seven year old sister. Dad arrived promptly on Friday evening to pick up me and Tara–from his place to ours, the drive was just over anContinue reading “A Brief Memoir About Guilt”

a brief memoir about indestructible forces

We were poor people. My mother didn’t work, as she was busy raising me (and my sister once she was born in 1983). My dad has never not worked, that is to say I don’t know if he has ever been an unemployment benefit recipient. I only know my dad has always gone some placeContinue reading “a brief memoir about indestructible forces”

a brief memoir of summer days with my dad and his ’69 AMX

and  clinging to my tongue;  198o’s, one my of favorite flavors.  AMX moving in stereo, shredding pavement. My dad has been rebuilding cars since he was kid living in Fostoria, Michigan. Fostoria, a rural place that’s fun to get to by way of curving, and deep sloping roads; I called the curving roads S roads whenContinue reading “a brief memoir of summer days with my dad and his ’69 AMX”