It Costs Too Much To Go To The Dentist

They say I’m a bit much— don’t like my liberal teeth. CHOMP!   Porcelain fakes flash— CHOMP!   We’re all Jaws.   I believe in America. I believe we are good. I believe in redemption.   They say I’m a bit much— I’ll vote with my liberal teeth.   CHOMP!   Falling apart pieces ofContinue reading “It Costs Too Much To Go To The Dentist”

Discount Rap

To Whom It May Concern: I am a writer. Many writers consider writing an art form. I am one of those writers. I’m also an artist–mostly pencil and pen, but do I love to paint. Or at least I did love to paint back when I could afford the supplies to support my painting hobby. PencilsContinue reading “Discount Rap”

A brief rant: don’t be a dick

I believe in being respectful of others–their race, religion, social status, body type, fashion sense, gender, sexual orientation. It’s when I am met with unprovoked or uninvited opposition of my own beliefs that I take issue with a group or individual. I will put a Jehovah’s Witness in my car and drive them to schoolContinue reading “A brief rant: don’t be a dick”