Oh, Girl: A Brief Memoir About Nights Spent With The Chi-Lites

Oh, Girl. Mom couldn’t stand the silence of night after Dad left; couldn’t stand the blaring introspection. And she couldn’t sleep alone. I wanted to sleep alone–needed to curl up alone and be. I was eleven years old, sleeping in a goddamned waterbed with my mother, and my six year old sister between us. The bedContinue reading “Oh, Girl: A Brief Memoir About Nights Spent With The Chi-Lites”

A Brief Memoir About Guilt

I still think about that Father’s Day weekend. I still feel the guilt. I still cry. I was twelve, living in a dirty trailer park with my mother, and seven year old sister. Dad arrived promptly on Friday evening to pick up me and Tara–from his place to ours, the drive was just over anContinue reading “A Brief Memoir About Guilt”