It’s awful, isn’t it?

Teeth chew hearts and desecrate souls, but stand idle on the streets, munching the fucking sammich you paid for with a credit card. Conversate with friends: “Lookit what they’re doing to her.” “It’s awful. But what can we do?” Goddamn it, you’ve got red on you. Ketchup on your precious pressed shirt– never mind theContinue reading “It’s awful, isn’t it?”

Don’t Let Me Go To Waste

Lay me down in the field where wildflowers grow Beneath our friend, the sun, hung in the firmament And clouds, bleached white sugar fluff drift by in the breeze. Open your nostrils and breathe the air, earth’s perfume– Smell the bouquet of grass and sweet petals, and soil Untainted, unreachable by the big city WhereContinue reading “Don’t Let Me Go To Waste”