The Gospel of Infidels (written with Braeden Michaels)

The fables between us  Satirical metaphors prance  The ironies bleed pretty white lies  Sarcasm bursts like ejaculation  Covered in Satan’s thick liquid Storybook pages stick together   The fables between us Sardonic recitals Recited by jesters and Ponies dance in time while His portal opens to swallow us all   Sadistic hymns  Written by gargoylesContinue reading “The Gospel of Infidels (written with Braeden Michaels)”

Feminism is my Realism- Kindra M. Austin & Christine Ray

Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
SONY DSC I am Organism Female Defense Mechanism Natural Feminism is my Realism ? Because #MeToo, Motherfuckers I’ve been abused Been paid less cash Called a Radical Cunt a Bleeding Heart Liberal and Put in my place— Not my place, but theirs ? I’ve been judged by the…

Oubliette: Sir Eric Syrdal & Lady Kindra

Oubliette  The march began on meadow land, where I keep house ‘neath abiding sun. The march began, and begot a shadowing plague— a swelling wake.    Of heaviest heart bound to an iron weighted fate t’was in a blanket of frost wrapped a bitter cold ancient blade   War drums fused with beating of hooves,Continue reading “Oubliette: Sir Eric Syrdal & Lady Kindra”

Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman

Cleanse me in stardust, And I might apprehend love, Cosmically; For I’ve been shipwrecked, Cataclysmically— Marooned inside of mine (K.M.A.)   Love screams behind Clenched teeth Just out of reach Swallowed by time Solitary supernova Catastrophically Unaccompanied (1Wise-Woman)   Claustrophobic frenzied Heart rattles my ribcage— A prisoner imprisoned by Distortions of love lost to AContinue reading “Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman”

Warrior Women Anthem: Aurora Phoenix & Kindra M. Austin

Thank you, Aurora Phoenix. You are a stunning writer, a fierce warrior, and gorgeous spirit. ❤ Yes, I know my place— and it’s not in the shadows of darkened corners, slumped over and bleeding, weeping. It’s not in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant or otherwise. It’s not in the hospital having bones reset, or split lipsContinue reading “Warrior Women Anthem: Aurora Phoenix & Kindra M. Austin”