State of Affairs

[Preface: I am a patriotic woman; the proud wife of an ARMY veteran.] There are actual rules to safeguard against unfair warfare. Read that again: There are actual rules to safeguard against unfair warfare. I’m sorry. Color me fucking stupid, but what’s the point of these rules? There are weapons that are illegal in warfare. Weapons suchContinue reading “State of Affairs”

“Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way”

I’m glad my parents failed me, because in their failure, they were actually succeeding. I grew up knowing my parents were human beings, like me. I learned that there are consequences for everyone; I learned humility, and that taking responsibility for one’s offenses was honorable. Imperfect people raising imperfect adults–that’s where’s it at. It makesContinue reading ““Teach Them Well, and Let Them Lead the Way””

About Me: The Foul Mouthed Lunch Lady

Some of my regular readers might find it hilarious to learn that I was once a lunch lady–for over ten years. I’ve worked in every building in my school district. Yes, I was cleared by the state of Michigan to work with children. And yes, I accidentally let loose some awful swears within innocent earshot.Continue reading “About Me: The Foul Mouthed Lunch Lady”