In the cabbage patch, she stains the earth

I’ve always been a morbid thinker. As a child, it was my task to wash the dinner dishes; I earned three dollars a week. Mom and Dad didn’t allow me to handle anything sharper than a butter knife, but when no one was looking, I’d take hold of paring knife, or a steak knife andContinue reading “In the cabbage patch, she stains the earth”

Rip It Off

    Thick crust long and deep Color of crisped  bread crumb coating You began as a crimson bead A perfect little blob of blood Love’s deed It did prick again And again, plunged deeper each time New blood building upon the old Across my chest crispy  coating Love’s bold Brazen behavior I should haveContinue reading “Rip It Off”

His Oath Fulfilled

He is a liar. “Now that I know you,” the Scorpion had sworn, “I can never unknow you. Should you ever leave me lonely, I promise I will not live.” But he is still breathing, five thousand miles away, brooding beneath the rolling grey skies that belong to my darling seaside city. I often imagine hisContinue reading “His Oath Fulfilled”