Sincerely though, Thank You For Your Consideration

Words form sentences, sentences form paragraphs– page upon page my heart bleeds and for you there is a disconnect, so you pass on my manuscript. Either I’m a bad writer, or you just don’t feel me– You don’t feel me, bruh. I know what I’m all about.

About me: life as a writer (part duh!)

June 3, 2015: Yay! My novel is finished! Who’s the boss? I’m the fucking BOSS! June 4, 2015: You know…I just really feel like there’s something missing. I’m better than this. I can do better. I will do better. Aah, fuuuhh…I’m not fucking done!  (pulls hair out and throws wads of auburn at the monitor)Continue reading “About me: life as a writer (part duh!)”

About me: life as a writer

My destiny was revealed to me in the third grade when my short story entry, My Pet Dinosaur won the gold ribbon in the district wide writing contest. Lapeer County is a large district, with three rural elementary schools; at Elba, I was a celebrity, having beaten every single third grade competitor in my county.Continue reading “About me: life as a writer”