Heavy Mental: an advanced review from Nicole Lyons, author of The Lithium Chronicles Vol. I & II

“Two new lungs inflate within my beaten chest. I watch the rise and fall; my eyes are like an infant’s, opened for the first time, and I want to see.” Kindra M. Austin, The Rise and Fall “You don’t like what these eyes reflect, and I’m the one who disintegrates.” Kindra M. Austin, Disintegration “TheContinue reading “Heavy Mental: an advanced review from Nicole Lyons, author of The Lithium Chronicles Vol. I & II”

For You, Rowena (an explanation)

In eighteen days, I release my third book, a novella titled, For You, Rowena. I’m honored to announce that Allane Sinclair has yet again created a cover that encompasses a universe I’ve imagined and put to paper. I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator than Allane. As always, I hope my words serve justice to theContinue reading “For You, Rowena (an explanation)”

Life as a Writer: part 2×3

Upon completion of “Magpie in August,” my debut novel, I began submitting to the literary agents I had researched (authors who want to go for traditional publishing should always research literary agents and houses before sending query letters). Omitting all of the uninteresting details, I received four “close, but no cigar” responses, thirteen flat outContinue reading “Life as a Writer: part 2×3”

About Me: life as a writer (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5–I’m Alive!)

Though fiction is my truest passion, I do love writing foul-mouthed social commentary–mostly because I love swear words and my (highly esteemed) opinions in equal measure. Ha! But for realz, I love writing. Always have. I was the majorus dorkus in school who enjoyed crafting bodacious term papers after spending obscene hours researching the goddamnContinue reading “About Me: life as a writer (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5–I’m Alive!)”

About Me: life as a writer (part petit four)

I put up a fight so brilliant, I won–I finished my first novel. Now I’m fighting for my second; only 25,000 words deep, and I’m already considering a pretty major reconstruction. This decision, I never make lightly, mostly because I have trouble letting go of the “perfect.” Perfect scenes, perfect dialogue, perfect character motivation. IContinue reading “About Me: life as a writer (part petit four)”

About me: life as a writer

My destiny was revealed to me in the third grade when my short story entry, My Pet Dinosaur won the gold ribbon in the district wide writing contest. Lapeer County is a large district, with three rural elementary schools; at Elba, I was a celebrity, having beaten every single third grade competitor in my county.Continue reading “About me: life as a writer”