Why am I?

How much of my memories are real? How much are fabrication– grown up by repetitive word vomit? I used to lick up the vomit without thinking; but now I’m thinking, and I notice the taste cleaving to my tongue. How much of my past did you make up? Who can I believe? Not myself.  

Sincerely though, Thank You For Your Consideration

Words form sentences, sentences form paragraphs– page upon page my heart bleeds and for you there is a disconnect, so you pass on my manuscript. Either I’m a bad writer, or you just don’t feel me– You don’t feel me, bruh. I know what I’m all about.

Lies Anxiety Tells Her

“You’re not smart enough,” Anxiety tells her. On a good day, my girl, she knows better. But something will happen– Something must always happen– Ill happenstance Hungry Anxiety pulls her in tight And my sweet baby believes Anxiety is right. Lost in the terrific maw, her heart rages Against the ugly, hateful, deceitful mirages– Against theContinue reading “Lies Anxiety Tells Her”

because indifference

I don’t hate you, I hate myself instead because indifference is something that escapes me daily. You’ve set up shop inside my head, busy with your hammer and nails; it’s your new occupation, knocking down walls–building a bigger space for you to inhabit because I never could offer enough of myself. I’m not even yours,Continue reading “because indifference”