A brief rant: don’t be a dick

I believe in being respectful of others–their race, religion, social status, body type, fashion sense, gender, sexual orientation. It’s when I am met with unprovoked or uninvited opposition of my own beliefs that I take issue with a group or individual. I will put a Jehovah’s Witness in my car and drive them to schoolContinue reading “A brief rant: don’t be a dick”

Blue: not my damn dog

Blue “belongs” to the Twats living directly next door to me. Blue manages to slip his collar almost daily. Today, I was driving home from an appointment when I received a text message from my daughter. Blue is loose, and he is taunting Melvin at the window. Fanfuckingtastic. Melvin isn’t well at the moment, and heContinue reading “Blue: not my damn dog”

I Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux

All involved in the North Dakota oil pipeline battle await a federal judge to decide if the Dakota Access pipeline construction will continue, or grant an injunction. The judges ruling is expected tomorrow, September 9. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe began gathering in protest outside Cannon Ball in south central North Dakota back in April. TheContinue reading “I Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux”


Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, and experience subjectively. Sentience is necessary for the ability to suffer. “Granted, these animals do not have all the desires we humans have; granted, they do not comprehend everything we humans comprehend; nevertheless, we and they do have some of the same desires and do comprehend some ofContinue reading “SAVE LOLITA THE ORCA FROM MIAMI SEAQUARIUM”


Generalized Anxiety Disorder has similar symptoms as panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder, but they are all different conditions. Symptoms of GAD vary from individual to individual, and may include:  persistent worrying or obsession about concerns out of proportion to the impact of the event; inability to let go of worry, or set worry aside;Continue reading “E-gad!”

My Hippie

Tonight, my daughter is attending a Black Sabbath concert. She’s nineteen. She had purchased the tickets months ago, a birthday present for her boyfriend. Last summer, she bought the two of us tickets to see Robert Plant. Because my daughter has excellent taste in music. The year before that, I scored us tickets to theContinue reading “My Hippie”

Sanctimonious, argumentative bitch

I am sometimes “accused” of being an argumentative bitch–pfft! Read a dictionary; it won’t harm you in any way, I promise. ar-gu-men-ta-tive adjective given to expressing divergent or opposite views using or characterized by systemic reasoning To say I am argumentative is to say I am an expressive, free-thinking human being (so if your goal isContinue reading “Sanctimonious, argumentative bitch”

Some thoughts of no one of particular consequence

An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. I love opinions, particularly ones that are based on fact and/or knowledge. Especially my own. It has never been a secret amongst those who know me that I love the sound of my own voice. ToContinue reading “Some thoughts of no one of particular consequence”

Thomas Paine in Great Britain’s ass, and the other great men who won our Independence

The opening battles of the Revolutionary War began in April, 1775. There were few colonists at this early juncture who actually desired complete independence from Great Britain–these colonists, by the way, were called radicals (like, totally). By the middle of 1776, however, many more colonists had come to favor severance from Great Britain; hostility againstContinue reading “Thomas Paine in Great Britain’s ass, and the other great men who won our Independence”

Memorial Day: Not About Hot Dogs

To all of you who do not know the history–the reason for Memorial Day, I’m taking you to school. Leave your Bud beer, shitty potato salad, and platter of grilled meats at the table. Memorial Day honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. This holiday originated in the years following theContinue reading “Memorial Day: Not About Hot Dogs”