The Gospel of Infidels (written with Braeden Michaels)

The fables between us  Satirical metaphors prance  The ironies bleed pretty white lies  Sarcasm bursts like ejaculation  Covered in Satan’s thick liquid Storybook pages stick together   The fables between us Sardonic recitals Recited by jesters and Ponies dance in time while His portal opens to swallow us all   Sadistic hymns  Written by gargoylesContinue reading “The Gospel of Infidels (written with Braeden Michaels)”

Sharp- A Weyward Sisters Collaboration

Originally posted on Sudden Denouement Collective:
I am playing with knives again sharpening them lovingly against brown leather strap admiring the way hair splits cleanly upon the well-honed edge (Christine E. Ray) Listen! Sounds like a violin– fine strings ‘gainst steel bow I play concerto splitting hairs (Kindra M. Austin) I’m trimming those frayed ends…

Turn the Night On- Christine Ray & Stephen Fuller

Originally posted on Brave & Reckless:
Won’t you stay, My love? ? Outside snow falls steady Gusted by north wind Tapping at our window Inside these walls A fire burns ? Softly So softly Spread your Raven hair Upon my pillow ? Gently So gently We will unfold Our layers Like origami flowers ? Reveal…

A Song With Many Voices: All the Lonely People

Originally posted on Blood Into Ink:
I have always been here, among the lonely people. Despite having people around me, my battles exist within my head and body. To you, I may look normal, but on the inside is a scene entirely different. My constant companions are sadness, frustration, exhaustion — even a fortified fortress…

In Her Element: Lois E. Linkens & Kindra M. Austin

Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
(Kindra) Stay the blade lodged in my back— let the tissue heal and seal the covenant.   I am Woman, unrecumbent, and daggers only steel my skin.   (Lois) the waters struck the cliff and there i was, chalked upon its rocky face. sharp heavy things chipped like woodpeckers, struck…

We Cannot Look Away: Not another 17, not another One

Just another day just another town bullet perforated backpacks spilling loose-leaf lined paper, textbooks onto blood stained sidewalks helicopters hovering to give us the birds eye view I tried to avert my eyes out of respect for the dead the injured but I could not look away Christine Ray Even though I should Because IContinue reading “We Cannot Look Away: Not another 17, not another One”

Feminism is my Realism- Kindra M. Austin & Christine Ray

Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
SONY DSC I am Organism Female Defense Mechanism Natural Feminism is my Realism ? Because #MeToo, Motherfuckers I’ve been abused Been paid less cash Called a Radical Cunt a Bleeding Heart Liberal and Put in my place— Not my place, but theirs ? I’ve been judged by the…

Oubliette: Sir Eric Syrdal & Lady Kindra

Oubliette  The march began on meadow land, where I keep house ‘neath abiding sun. The march began, and begot a shadowing plague— a swelling wake.    Of heaviest heart bound to an iron weighted fate t’was in a blanket of frost wrapped a bitter cold ancient blade   War drums fused with beating of hooves,Continue reading “Oubliette: Sir Eric Syrdal & Lady Kindra”