Shit Mouth

You don’t like me–that’s okay cos I got mint chocolate chip ice cream in my freezer at home, and I’ll bet the words in your mouth taste like shit. The words in your mouth coat your tongue with a film, kind of like Cap’n Crunch cereal does after it’s gone soggy. It’s soggy– it alwaysContinue reading “Shit Mouth”

Aimed at Antares

Gamma Sagittarii orange, brighter than the sun the tip of my arrowhead vengeful, deadly does glow; see Delta Sagittarii, the center of my bow; See Lambda Sagittarii, and Epsilon, the brightest– northern and southern parts of my magnificent weapon, a sure killer. Chase you across the Heavens I do, aimed at Antares, bleeding Scorpion heart.Continue reading “Aimed at Antares”