OUT OF ORBIT (an excerpt from Magpie in August)

  -5- OUT OF ORBIT   I wish I didn’t want Dad back. Or you, little sister. It hurts too much to want. And it’s too damn hard to figure out which hurts me more, missing the dead, or missing the living; though I don’t know why it should really matter. What I do knowContinue reading “OUT OF ORBIT (an excerpt from Magpie in August)”

The Writer’s Struggle Is Real

Another agent passed on my manuscript. Fuuuhhh… When I finished my novel a few months ago, I knew it would be tough to break into traditional publishing. I’ve queried less than ten agents, and all but one have responded. I intend to keep sending submissions, as I believe in my talent as a novelist. ThatContinue reading “The Writer’s Struggle Is Real”