All the Beginnings of Everything

I want to be the light at the very beginning, when shadows steal away, but still remain in waiting.             I want to be the             dawn             of             man,             beneath the sun,             and             in the sand.             I want to be the             first taste of             blood,             firstContinue reading “All the Beginnings of Everything”

Happy Holidays: nothing’s changed

And these are the days I need to scream; the sound, a miscarriage at the top of my throat. So I swallow the rotten, add to the echoes in my stomach. I am bloated. I am bleeding to death from inside out. I drink blood thinners to speed up the process. Such a long process,Continue reading “Happy Holidays: nothing’s changed”

Today’s the Day I Learned You’d Died

And how do I save her? The one who loved you better. The one you’d left with, leaving me behind. I’d be fine, without you. Never mind the breakdowns after summer vacation was over— we’d say goodbye for twelve years, and it never got easier for me. You were always okay with sendoffs. I’d cry.Continue reading “Today’s the Day I Learned You’d Died”

The Goings-on Between Patient and Psychiatrist

What you think you know of me, you’ve gleaned from pages of a yellow legal pad stained with sterile ink leaked from your doctor’s pen; it’s an emotionless affair, the goings-on between patient and psychiatrist.   I’m a mistress in hysterics seeking validation from just another goddamned man. If this were the nineteenth century, you’dContinue reading “The Goings-on Between Patient and Psychiatrist”