Dear Virgins,

Allow me to extend my genuine gratitude; I’m honored you have chosen to visit my blog. I hope your time does not prove wasted here, as building human connections through the written word is paramount to me. I’ve made many friends via WordPress. I’ve also offended a metric fuck-ton of people; these folks ran away from me full on Kevin McCallister style. I don’t fret when I lose subscribers.

I’m not for everyone, and I respect that I disrespect some readers/writers with my foul mouth. I know what it’s like to come across a blog so fucking filthy, I’ve wanted to bathe in bleach. Even I have standards, and standards are all relative. What should be understood is that there is a real difference between me using words like fuck; twat waffle; thunder cunt; pork sword; douche canoe; and those who glorify sex violence; domestic violence; homophobic violence; religious violence; child pornography; animal abuse; genocide.

But, yes, I do stand by all of you who don’t like the coarse words I utilize in my writing. What I do take issue with are the reprimands I receive for my goddamned blog posts. You have the right to rub my nose in a piss puddle, because my blog is public. But are those reprimands necessary? I’m a grown ass woman, so I think not. Before the argument is raised that my bad words are unnecessary, I say, the hell-damn-fart they’re not. I write my truths. And my truths are sometimes very sweary; I make no apologies for the butt hurt. I have a warning label on my home page, for fuck’s sake.

So, to all of you kind enough to stop by my blog for the first time, please, proceed with caution if you are easily offended by a sailor’s tongue. And understand that I don’t offend people because it is my goal. My only goal is to be true.

I wish you all peace.


Kindra M. Austin








Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

61 thoughts on “Virgins

  1. Hey you, don’t ever change being the bad ass Kindra that you are. You’re fucking awesome and I love ya the way you are. I like having someone fucking foul mouthed to talk to lol

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  2. Don’t you ever fucking change or I will send you a metric fuck-ton of rotting twat waffles and dog shit collected from my back yard! You are YOU! You are Kindra! You are a WRITER! Your words. Your thoughts. Your blog! And I, for one, think the world of you. 😃💛

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  3. Fuck off anyone who tells you not to swear! How DARE they?? I am SO SICK of men and/or women telling women what to do; ‘swearing’ never actually physically hurt anyone, last I checked, so they can get lost I say!

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          1. Giggle are? Well I’ve been crushing on you since I read a comment of yours which began with, “Holy Balls…”
            So, we’re on the same page

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