Stupid Girl (the song I was listening to when I wrote this)

I win some, I lose some; I win more than I lose–I lose a follower, I gain three. Fuck you very much. I’m not a gambler, I’m just honest, and for me, honesty is never a wager I’m afraid to bet on. I know I often rub people the wrong way, and I’m totally good with that, because those who find themselves rubbed the wrong way will either respect our differences, or they will throw me to the vultures. Those who throw me to the vultures, bless their hearts, are people I don’t want to know. Not because they have different views than I do, but because I have different views than they do, and they are too small minded to accept variety. I like variety. Variety keeps me on my toes. Variety keeps me learning. And I never want to stop learning.

Not to say I am never offended. I am often offended. I’m offended by racism. I’m offended by people who contribute to rape culture. I’m offended by modern day feminism. I’m offended by anti-gay Christians. I’m offended by people who are offended by those who say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas.’ I’m offended by people who wake up every motherfucking morning with the goal to find offense in dusty corners.

Activism is good, unless your activism is built upon physical harm–yes, ANTIFA, that includes you. Listen, you can’t denounce groups known for violence, and come at them with violence, and claim you are better than they are, because violence begets violence. Fucking DUH! If you want to make a difference, don’t be a part of the circle. And if you are hell bent on injuring people, or even killing people, join the fucking ARMY.

Those who know me, know I am married to an ARMY veteran. Those who know me know I have the utmost respect for America’s Armed Forces. I only mean that if people have so much energy to waste on hating people, and if they want to play big shots, maybe they should be fighting the real enemies. Because Black people eating in the same restaurants as you, and transgenders using public restrooms in a motherfucking Wal-Mart are the least of America’s worries, you know what I’m saying?

For real, America, get your shit together. Why do I feel like I’m one of the few with a goddamned brain? Seriously. I’m poor as fuck, and I’m not stupid. The government could pay me minimum wage, and I’d be happy to take the fucking lead. Hey government! You know where to find me, I’m sure.



Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

26 thoughts on “Stupid Girl (the song I was listening to when I wrote this)

  1. Oh I understand exactly what you mean. It’s nothing I haven’t said a million times myself. It saddens me the number of otherwise intelligent caring people I know who fall into these categories. Critical thinking, true compassion and thirst for actual justice seems to be lost arts these days. Some days I’m just tired of fighting and trying to change people’s minds. But if I don’t, who will?

    I’m reminded of the words of Rabbi Hillel in the Talmud: “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?”

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    1. Oh, John…a true paradox too few are interested in solving. However, the answer is clear to those who care.

      I am so tired of arguing what I feel are good points. But like you, I wonder who will if I do not.


    1. Thank you, John. It means a lot that you get where I’m coming from, regarding the Army bit. I respect our Armed Forces, and deeply admire those who have served, and those currently serving. ❤

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