My First Book Signing

19055170_665477723644228_2412619868069419839_oToday was epic–my first book signing. Preparing, I was nervous. I’ve never been one who seeks to be the center of attention; that shit comes naturally, if I’m being honest. And it’s odd; for a person who can from 0-fuck you in half a second, I thrive under pressure when it really counts. Somehow I manage to digest the anxious butterflies beating against the walls of my stomach. I must say, it was a relief that the first person who came in to see me is one of my dearest friends; I had a good fifteen minutes to relax my nerves. Plus, there were doughnuts, cookies, and iced tea. I tend to eat my feelings, so…

The Broad Street Pharmacy, where my daughter works as a pharmacy technician, has such a lovely staff, they are all like extended family, especially Nicole’s boss, Beth, and my friend, Johanna. They all took such good care of me; there was table set up for me, books displayed, and refreshments for visitors (and me, ha-ha!).

It was awesome to have my family and friends (all who were able to attend) rally around me. And the new people I met today–my heart swelled! I truly do live in a warm, supportive community. The experience raised my spirits, and was incredibly humbling.

There was one person missing who deserves recognition: Allane. My dear friend, I spoke of you ALL day. People were in love with your cover. No one left the table without hearing about the amazing Allane Sinclair.

It is a great gift to be able to share my work. One of the clerks–a sunny, good-hearted young woman–told me she knew she needed to read Magpie in August when she read the synopsis on the back cover, because her mother, too, is an alcoholic. And that’s what it’s all about for me, folks. Touching hearts, making connections, letting others know they are not alone.

Today, is a beautiful day. I am so thankful.

Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

44 thoughts on “My First Book Signing

          1. Tell you what…I’ll call up ‘Doctor Strange’ and he’ll set up some sort of dimension realm to teleport back to the beginning of today. hahahahaha!!! LOL!!! Yep, I’ll call up “benedict cumberbatch” for him to suit up. hahahahaha!!!!

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          2. Benedict Cumberbatch seems like a nice fellow. I quite like his acting. Perhaps if he knows I’m a big deal now, he will help.
            (Ha-ha, I’m not a big deal, just riding high)

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        1. Haha, I just noticed I accidentally typed “I was such a beautiful…” Like what the fuck, Kindra? Conceited much, LOL


  1. You know that I was thinking of YOU all day too. I’m so happy it went well, tho’ I had no doubt.

    It’s half past midnight here. I was falling asleep earlier, drowsy as hell…then I woke up with a start. I had a sudden urge to draw. It’s the next book cover. It’s in my head already. I have to be sensible though. I’ve got an 8 hour shift to get through tomorrow and no car, so that’ll add on some extra hourage – yeah, I made that word up! So, I came on here to jot down some notes, to remind me and here you are.

    I’m smiling. Thank you love.

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    1. I’m always happy to know you’re smiling; I love you so. We’ll catch up soon. Just know before you sleep that you are amazing, and beautiful, and shining always. xo

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      1. I’d like to say that I shall drift off now, asleep soundly amidst a sea of feathers and lavender… and all that flowery bollox, but you and I know that that’s a crock of shit.

        I think I may be awake for some time yet. 😊 Luv you.

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